Silly typos, lyric booklets are for kids.

YEAR OF THE SLEEPWALK is somehow already at #3 on the CJAM charts, even though not a lot of DJs have had it long enough to give it much airplay yet. I’m a little surprised to see it debut so high.

There are a few other new albums being released right now by local artists with much higher profiles than mine. I have a twisted premonition that this will be the first thing I’ve done in years to never make it to #1 and in the weeks ahead it’ll get repeatedly lodged in the second or third spot behind the cool kids. Given all that’s transpired over the last little while, it would be kind of fitting to be on the outside looking in.

I’ll find out if my hunch is correct soon enough.

Also, if you got one of the first copies of SLEEPWALK, I owe you an apology. In spite of all the painstaking proofreading I subjected myself to, I still managed to miss two mistakes in the initial run of booklets. They’re two things most people will probably never notice — a missing bit of punctuation at the end of one song, and one printed word that isn’t the word being sung (though it sounds like it could be).

That I would forget a line in one of my own songs gives you an idea of how long I lived with this music and how much I had to try and keep in my head. I had dreams about screwing up the packaging even after I knew everything was fine. It took a while before I could relax and stop worrying about some other boneheaded blunder hiding in plain sight.

(One thing that looks like it might be an oversight is a deliberate stylistic choice. The word “Bible” appears in two different songs. In “Wherever the Lord May Be” I meant it in the literal, Old Testament sense, so I capitalized it. In “Losing Light” the phrase “black-eyed bible” refers to the unreliable words of some unsavoury characters. In that case it felt more appropriate to forego the capital B.)

Invisible though the typos may be to the naked and partially-clothed eye, I’m always a little miffed when these things sneak through. But I guess I have to accept human error creeping in once in a while. One wrong word and a missing period does hurt a little less than some of my hits of the past like “bilss” and “electic guitar”.

I made the necessary corrections and had more booklets made. If you’re one of the lucky few to receive one of the typo-enhanced copies, you now own a collector’s item.

No need to thank me. It’s what I do.


  1. Hello Johnny, I have been listening to your music repeatedly since saturday when I picked up your cd at my store. I was intrigued by your letter which necessitated I look up your history. In my estimation you are a musical genius. I love your music and wish I could purchase more cds so I can share them with family. Sincerely no sarcasm when I express that your brilliance challenges my sanity. You have been very generous to me with your music and I hope to reciprocate when I return to work after I heal my broken arm. I will return to read your commentary to better understand your expectation of my friendship. I will continue to enjoy and share your music in my home. Sincerely thankful. Laurette

    1. That just might be the kindest thing anyone has ever said here in my odd little corner of the internet. Thanks so much, Laurette. That means a lot. I don’t have a great surplus of copies of this one right now, but I’ll try to set aside a few extras to give you. You’re not allowed to pay for them, though!

      Honestly, my only expectation of you is just to be who you are. Being able to call you a friend, and you taking the time to listen to the music and let me know you appreciate it…that’s the greatest gift you could have given me.

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