Guys Without Tyson (2001)

Tyson didn’t show up for band rehearsal one day a few weeks before the Air Jam, and no matter how many times we called or paged him there was no answer. The rest of us decided to record a bunch of aimless jamming to pass the time.

I wish I recorded our three-piece version of Be Sorry with Gord on drums and me playing both guitar parts without overdubs, because it was interesting. What I did record is…something.

Gord’s death metal vocal on Raaaa is pretty funny, and my fuzz bass playing on Drumless Discord is pretty cool. Eat It Up begins with fuzzy promise, but ultimately pales in comparison to the version found on KISSING THE BALD SPOT because I couldn’t remember the lyrics and couldn’t think of anything interesting to improvise in their place. I like the new little guitar bit I came up with at the beginning, anyway.

Mental Constipation fares better. I was pretty sleep-deprived at the time and thought I’d use the giddiness to my advantage. But the real gem here is Song for Tyson, my love letter to our absent drummer. Funny that I was singing the lyrics in jest, but they pretty much predicted the entire future of our relationship, even if he never did walk in on me while I was deep in the throes of self-massage.

I got a much better drum sound this time out with only two microphones on the kit, and Gord did a solid job in Tyson’s absence. I dig how you can hear him let out a “yeah!” in Mental Constipation as he gets into the groove. It’s actually me playing bass on that track, though I should have pushed it up a bit louder in the mix. Andrew didn’t seem to know what to do with the song, so I replaced what he’d done with some of my own bass-playing after he and Gord took off for the night, adding a ten-second guitar solo over the opening bars that was one of the only instrumental overdubs I ever allowed myself on a GWD album.

The next day I learned Tyson didn’t show up because he was grounded. He never did divulge the reason. Whatever happened, the song I improvised in his honour didn’t quite get the reaction I expected. Instead of being angry, he thought it was hilarious and seemed touched that I’d been thinking of him.


Here’s to You
More Discord
Drumless Discord
Eat It Up
Little Virgin Boy
I’ve Got Something for You
Song for Tyson


Mental Constipation

Song for Tyson

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