Just Two Guys (2000)

This is just me and Tyson playing guitar and messing around after he brought his 4-track tape recorder over one night so I could dump some old tracks by Fetal Pulp (one of his many other bands) onto my mixer, digitize them, and try to clean up the sound a little in the process.

Most of what transpired was pretty aimless and uninteresting, because we weren’t trying that hard. There are two songs worth hearing: the opening instrumental Fish Head Blues, which has some nice mellow acoustic/electric guitar interplay, and Yellow Monkeys, which features Tyson’s pitch-shifted voice singing about what lessons life has taught him thus far while I provide some happy-sounding guitar accompaniment.

The God and Satan Converse bit was fun to do, but it’s probably less amusing in retrospect. Something about the funny voice effects kept cracking us up, making it difficult to come up with any coherent ideas between the laughing fits. You had to be there.


Fish Head Blues
Worn out Welcome
Singing Along with the Toilet
Yellow Monkeys
God and Satan Converse


Fish Head Blues

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