Papa Ghostface

photos by chrisy husanik; manipulated by jw.

with gord

Papa Ghostface is a two-headed monster that just wants to knit you a sweater — something odd-looking but surprisingly comfortable.

One head is Gord. The other head is me. Our genesis/formation is covered on the SCREAMING NIPPLES page. Some of the most adventurous music I’ve made and some of the most fun I’ve had making music over the years has been with Gord, both in this incarnation and in that other band we had for a while.

We disbanded sometime in late 2002, though there was no real breakup. We just drifted in opposite directions for a while. Gord formed the long-running and always-evolving band Surdaster, and I had a lot of solo adventures. It looked like there might be something of a Papa Ghostface resurgence in 2008 for a hot minute, but only one song came out of it, and it was more of a sketch than anything.

Now, after a long sleep, we’re awake again.

If you hover your mouse over these thumbnail images you’ll get a brief description of each album. Clicking on any given image will take you to a dedicated album page with more in-depth discussion, along with song samples, period-correct handwritten lyrics, and videos (where applicable).


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