Other things


An early version of what would become SHOEBOX PARADISE, with inferior early mixes and a completely different sequence. There were a few single-disc versions as I tried to figure out what the album wanted to be.


A “single” recorded after the SHOEBOX PARADISE sessions had ended, but before PAPER CHEST HAIR was underway. I wasn’t sure what to do with this song. Two years later it ended up on the final/proper double CD version of SHOEBOX.


A few rough mixes of tracks that had just been recorded (“Sinkless Man”, “When It Rains”), and a few out-takes from the SHOEBOX PARADISE sessions.

To Sing has some nice fuzz bass from Gord and an evil piano riff from me to recommend it, but I couldn’t think of any words to sing (aside from, “There’s a headless chicken dancin’ for ye,”) and Gord’s ex-girlfriend Amanda being in the room with her cute little dog at the time didn’t make it any easier. So I sang about having no idea what to sing. Needless to say, it didn’t end up on the album, though an approximation of the piano riff was revived two years later for the Mr. Sinister song “Incognito in Austin” on the album of the same name.

Seventeen Candles is more of a proper song but was little more than an excuse for me to warm up my vocal cords prior to screaming like a maniac on “Wave in the Sky”. It should end up on some sort of out-takes collection someday. There’s also the first take of Partners in Crime, which is kind of interesting because you can hear how some elements were refined for the second take even though both takes were improvisations around a few themes.


This was a joke that I pretended would be sent to radio stations. Mostly just an excuse to hear a few new tracks I was excited about on a CD before their respective albums were finished. SILVER & SHIT is another collection that does the same sort of thing.


This was my failed attempt at putting together a Papa Ghostface best-of. Turns out our music is difficult to squeeze into that sort of format. Three or four CDs in, I threw in the towel, realizing I was heading for PAPA GHOSTBOX territory all over again. I’ve never been a real fan of compilations of previously released material anyway…with a few exceptions, they’ve always seemed kind of redundant and pointless to me. I prefer to dig into a real album.

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