Soul Crossing – The Chris-Anna Express (2000)

soul crossing - "the chris-anna express"

Christian Masotti was a guy I went to high school with. We kind of fell into being friends after our dads ran into each another at some social event and talked about how we both made music. We got together one night in January of 2000 — he came over with his friend and bandmate Anna Atkinson — and we had a fun, informal recording session, Christian playing guitar and singing, Anna playing violin and sometimes singing too, with everything recorded live except for one violin overdub on one song.

As with everything I was recording at the time, the acoustic guitar gets a bit muddy at times. I had no compression or EQ at my disposal, no mic preamps, and I didn’t yet know a whole lot about mic placement. Still, it doesn’t sound too offensive, all things considered.

The final song is an epic improvisation that features all three of us playing and singing a bizarre theological saga while poking fun at a student who always got all the lead roles in plays (it seemed fitting that he was next up for the role of Jesus in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar). Kind of funny how I screamed my head off during a lot of my vocal moments, and then the very next day recorded a whole whack of songs with Gord for SHOEBOX PARADISE without any vocal wear and tear at all. The wonders of youth…


As Sure as the Sun

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