The Adam Russell Project


I’m the only one who remembers anything about this session.

Gord and his pal Adam showed up at my place one Friday or Saturday night already blacked out from all the drinking they’d been doing and proceeded to drink some more. How they remained upright and managed to carry on lucid conversations for the rest of the evening, I’ll never know.

They decided they wanted to record something, and the results were…interesting. It’s amazing to me how well Gord was able to play, given how completely trashed he was. After he got tired of playing bass he gave the old Arp Omni-2 synth some action for the first time since YOU’RE A NATION.

I pulled most of the musical weight and came up with some pretty good guitar ideas. Satan Welcomes You to Las Vegas introduces the seed of what would become the key Guys with Dicks track “Voyeur”, and Glass Mirror is built around a riff I really should have tried fashioning into something more meaningful. It’s just too bad those ideas were supporting Adam’s vocals. You had to be there to get the full entertainment value of him screaming, “I’LL FUCK YOU ALL THE TIME!” at the top of his lungs at 2:00 am, drunk out of his skull. Dude thought he was Jim Morrison or something.

For the most part Adam sings about three different things: Satan, drugs, and getting laid. In at least half the songs he works his way around to revealing he is Satan…after doing drugs and getting laid.

I have to admit it’s kind of amusing. And he did manage to improvise some funny stuff on the later tracks like Clown Bus, though his voice was pretty shot by then from all the screaming he’d been doing. After a while he got tired of the cyclical nature of the music and started threatening to murder Gord and I if we didn’t end the song.

I made sure to keep it going for a good long while.

If you’ve ever seen my Shure SM58 (the second microphone I ever bought), you might have noticed a pretty big dent in the grille. Adam made that happen when he dropped the mic on the floor, too drunk to hold onto it. It never had any effect on the sound, and that mic is still going strong today, even if I don’t use it often anymore unless I want to sing through a guitar effects processor or something for an odd sound. I guess he gave it a bit of character.

When we weren’t recording, Adam was helping himself to some peanut butter M&M’s (he ate the whole bowl by himself in about two minutes) and extolling the virtues of Moosehead beer while looking glassy-eyed. I let out a sweet coyote howl when Gord and Adam were having a cigarette on the porch and a guy we went to high school with named Will Foot walked by. That pretty much sums up the night for me.


Satan at Your Door
Glass Mirror
Queasy Waltz
Satan Welcomes You to Las Vegas
Gay Circus
Clown Bus


Satan at Your Door

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