Sick Shit EP (1999)

As odds-and-ends collections go, this one is much more substantial than the NOSTRIL SALIVA EP.

There’s a mock-radio interview with depraved DJ Naked Larry that covers DON’T TALK LIKE A BABY, bowel movements, and on-air masturbation. The best parts are probably the two impromptu a cappella songs at the end, one of which has Larry repeatedly interjecting in spite of the stream of insults he gets from me. Larry even gets his own little intro bit where he nods to the original — and quickly abandoned — concept behind LIVE AT THE NAKED GIRAFFE THEATER.

There are a few Papa Ghostface out-takes. Most of them sound like it, but Drunken Religion was album material until I realized I’d failed to record Gord’s guitar, losing the glue that held the whole thing together. It still probably wouldn’t have sounded too out of place on HORSEMOUTH (AND OTHER BEDTIME STORIES). Dog knows that album has enough filler on it already. Cat knows it too.

Lonesome Traveler ended up bleeding into “The Hippo Song” when I got the idea to abandon the improvisation and pull out those written lyrics, and you can hear the seam between the two if you listen to them both. Bits Left Behind is a good example of an improvisation that never finds its feet, though it begins with potential. I ended up reusing the main chord progression to much better effect a few days later on the West/Smith track “Suicidal Sausage”, taking it in a very different direction.

Libby’s Sausage is a solo track that didn’t make it onto DON’T TALK LIKE A BABY, mostly because it doesn’t go anywhere all that interesting. Big Mulls is a Starving Artists out-take that falls prey to the same fate, and I neglected to record Pete’s guitar (that shit again!), though it does have some redeeming moments care of Pete’s twisted lyrics, and I let loose with some pretty insane wordless singing in the beginning.

If that ain’t a grab-bag of cast-offs, I’m not sure what is.

I almost wish this wasn’t just a half-hearted collection of out-takes and rarities, because the cover art I came up with more than a decade after the fact makes me laugh hysterically. If only I could share it with the world on a larger scale.


Big Mulls
Bloody Chicago (Morning) [crappy first mix]
Libby’s Sausage
Lonesome Traveler
Drunken Religion
Bits Left Behind
Naked Larry’s Intro
Naked Larry Interviews Johnny West


Bits Left Behind

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