How / Where To Get CDs

i don’t distribute my music in any conventional way anymore, for a lot of different reasons. these days it’s “free mailing list only”.

what that means: if you’d like some music, send me an email, give me your mailing address, and i will send you CDs. for free. shipping is on me. if geography allows and you’re up for it, i can meet you for a coffee or tea or some other beverage and give you the music in person. if you don’t want to do that but you live nearby, i can just drop some CDs in your mailbox.

it doesn’t matter where you are. i’ve sent CDs to people all over the place, whether they’re a few cities over or halfway across the world from me. if you don’t specify which albums you want, or you just aren’t sure, i’ll grab a stack of some of the most recent things i’ve done and send you those. variety is the lice of strife, as they say.

(i’d offer a list of suggested albums, but then we’d be here all day.)

i’m not interested in selling my music. digital distribution doesn’t do it for me either, though i think it’s great that the tools exist for the artists who want to use them. i like tangible things. an album doesn’t feel real to me unless it’s a physical object i can hold in my hands.

if you want to convert the songs into MP3s and listen on your iPod once you have the CDs, that’s cool with me. at least you’ve got the physical package with lyrics and the music at full fidelity as a starting point. if you want to play the music for other people during S&M sessions, feel free. but if you know someone who’s interested in the stuff, i’d really appreciate it if you’d send them my way so i can give them the physical albums.

(i’ve been very slow with getting CDs out to people lately, mostly because i’m in the process of remastering a pretty meaty chunk of my catalogue. rest assured if you’ve been waiting a while, i haven’t forgotten about you. you will be getting music in the mail eventually, and it’ll be worth the wait. i think. i hope.)

one more thing — if you ever come across anyone selling any of my music in any format, please let me know so i can bring a stop to it. my music is not for sale. i don’t make it to generate money or attention. i make it because i need to make it to feel whole. if anyone ever tries to make you pay for it, they’re acting without my knowledge and against my wishes, they’re defiling everything i stand for, and none of the money is going into my pocket.


  1. Love listening to your music…caught it on CJAM Windsor….If you could I would like to have the song West Coast Blues…Keep up the great work…

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