Video Progress Reports

in the summer of 2010 i thought it might be fun to start making a video at the end of each month to keep track of what i was working on, if only to have an excuse to ramble about whatever was on my mind while messing around with stuffed animals and bathtub puppets. seemed like a good opportunity to teach myself about video editing, too.

i started doing it as a total lark, only to watch it turn into what was probably one of the more interesting things this blog had to offer for a while. in the beginning the videos were very rough, with some pretty violent volume discrepancies and choppy editing, but i started to get the hang of things and evened out the audio issues pretty quick.

a few videos in, i got the idea to chop up bits of old public domain films to break up the talking and have some fun with warping context. it’s funny what you can do with a tiny $200 video camera and free editing software — though by the time i was working on the fifth progress report i had to step up my game a bit and upgrade to some good-and-proper video editing software, because the free stuff was no longer compatible with my computer’s operating system.

it was probably just as well. the program i started out using was prone to crashing deep into the rendering stage, and i came close to chucking my laptop out the window a few times.

after about a year, i started missing the odd month when it didn’t feel like i had enough to say to flesh out a worthwhile progress report. and then i just stopped making them altogether.

there’s a really hefty video in the pipeline for 2017 that should make up for all the lost time. once that’s out of the way, i’d like to get back into making a video progress report at least every few months, if i can motivate myself to be consistent with it again. these days i figure that’s more realistic than making one every month.

the most recent progress report video is always at the top of this page. the original posts these videos were attached to can be found here.

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