SINGIN' THE OESOPHAGUS TO SLEEPscreaming nipples (1999)nostril saliva EP (1999)DON'T TALK LIKE A BABY (1999)ROMAINE NOGGIN (1999)horsemouth (1999)LIVE AT THE NAKED GIRAFFE THEATER (1999)songs for dead skin (1999)SICK SHIT (1999)THE MANY MUSICAL NOSES OF JOHNNY WEST (1999)JW & FRIENDS (1999)SLEEP DEPRIVED ep (1999)jesse topliffe - "giovanni's glissando"BUSY DOING NOTHING (1999)Merry Fucking Xmas coverHERE COMES TROUBLE ep (2000)A BUNCH OF LOOSE ENDS (2000)a tonsil floss blog version cover manchinese bubblegum (2000)LIFELINE / WOHIS two-fer (2000)FUZZY SHRAPNEL (2000)partners in crime "single" (2000)shoebox paradise (2000)paper chest hair (2000)children have no eyes (2000)stuff about stuffwithout dicks (2000)live at silvers (2000)just two guys (2000)scotch tape sex pot (2000)blog tyson dad newA ROOMFUL OF SEXINESS (2001)LAMEST SHIT (2001)guys without tyson (2001)ADAM RUSSELL PROJECT (2001)SUBLIMINAL BILE insert one frontGOOD LUCK first insert frontSTELLAR (2002)castrated (2002)gwd vhsa stoned conversationincognito in austin (2002)kissing the bald spot (2002)sessions (2002)STONER BLUES (2002)temporary amnesia (2002)keep your scars (2002)albumcover52condom mints (2003)blog cjamOh You This (2003)Nudge You Alive album coverPavement Hugging Daddies album coverBNSL beigeGrowing Sideways (2004)Who You Are Now album covernostalgia-triggering mechamism EP (cover art by maya klein)The Bitter Side of Sweet (2006)little-misfitsChicken Angel Woman coverAN ABSENCE OF SWAY (2009)if i had a quarter, i'd have twenty five cents. radical.blog nightmares croppedblog nihilistsMY HELLHOUND CROOKED HEART (2010)blog medium fiGIFT FOR A SPIDER (2011)PAPA GHOSTFACE - STEW (2015)AFTERTHOUGHTS (2016)

This is the complete Tosteestostas catalogue on compact disc, more or less. You can click on any of the thumbnail images to jump to a page where there’s a lot more information about each individual album, usually with some relevant musical/visual content.

It all comes out looking something like this:

Singin’ the Oesophagus to Sleep  TCD01001
Don’t Talk Like a Baby  TCD01002
Nostril Saliva EP  TCD01003
Sick Shit EP  TCD01004
Live at the Naked Giraffe Theater  TCD01005
Sleep-Deprived EP  TCD01006
Merry Fuckin’ Christmas  TCD01007
Here Comes Trouble  TCD01008
Lifeline / WOHIS (two albums on one CD)  TCD01009
A Bunch of Loose Ends  TCD01010
Children Have No Eyes  TCD01011
Beautifully Stupid  TCD01012
Temporary Amnesia  TCD01013
Keep Your Scars  TCD01014
Live on CJAM  TCD01015
Oh You This  TCD01016
Nudge You Alive  TCD01017
Pavement Hugging Daddies EP  TCD01018
Brand New Shiny Lie  TCD01019
Growing Sideways  TCD01020
Who You Are Now Is Not What You Were Before   TCD01021
Nostalgia-Triggering Mechanism EP  TCD01022
The Bitter Side of Sweet  TCD01023
The Chicken Angel Woman with a Triangle  TCD01024
Out-takes, Misfits, and Other Things (1999 – 2007)  TCD01025
An Absence of Sway  TCD01026
If I Had a Quarter…  TCD01027
Creative Nightmares  TCD01028
Love Songs for Nihilists  TCD01029
My Hellhound Crooked Heart  TCD01030
Medium-Fi Music for Mentally Unstable Young Lovers  TCD01031
Gift for a Spider  TCD01032
Year of the Sleepwalk  TCD01033

The Many Musical Noses of Johnny West
Johnny West and Friends
Fuzzy Shrapnel
Lamest Shit
Selected Acoustic Tracks

Screaming Nipples  TCD02001
Horsemouth (and Other Bedtime Stories)  TCD02002
Songs for Dead Skin  TCD02003
You’re a Nation  TCD02004
Shoebox Paradise TCD02005
Paper Chest Hair  TCD02006
Live at Silvers  TCD02007
Kissing the Bald Spot  TCD02008
Stew  TCD02009
What We Lost in the Flood  TCD02010

Partners in Crime single
Papa Ghostbox
All This Stuff, and More Stuff (unfinished)
Y2Kondoms R Better Than 1
Out-takes and New Tracks
Sinkless Man promo single
Silver and Shit
Songs for Dead Skin (alternate mixes)
Kissing the Bald Spot (first version)

Without Dicks  TCD03001
Just Two Guys  TCD03002
Scotch Tape Sex Pot  TCD03003
Guys with Tyson’s Dad  TCD03004
A Roomful of Sexiness  TCD03005
Guys Without Tyson  TCD03006
Subliminal Bile  TCD03007
Good Luck in the Next Life  TCD03008
Stellar  TCD03009
Castrated  TCD03010
Twisted and Fresh  TCD03011
Condom Mints  TCD03012

A Collection of Love Songs
Stoner Blues
Live on VHS
Subliminal Bile (first mix/issue)
Good Luck in the Next Life (first mix/issue)
Without Dicks (first mix/issue)
A Stoned Conversation (still unmixed)

Tonsil Floss  TCD04001
Chinese Bubblegum  TCD04002

Incognito in Austin  TCD05001

Romaine Noggin  TCD06001

Busy Doing Nothing  TCD07001

Giovanni’s Sampler  TCD08001
Giovanni’s Glissando  TCD08002
Sessions  TCD08003

The Stuff About the Stuff  TCD09001

The Wicked Carnival  TCD10001

Afterthoughts  TCD11001

Things I’ve recorded for other people without being involved as a writer (and there are quite a few of those, featuring varying degrees of musical participation on my end) can be found in the Extracurricular Activity section. For pre-CD recordings, I direct your attention to the Cassetteography.


  1. i don’t know about that, man…but i do have a lot of hair, and i think that sometimes lets me get away with some thing i might not otherwise be able to. i can just slap someone with hair and they become blind to my true intentions.

    how’s life in toronto? is there an address i could send you some mail at, or should i stick with the restaurant address?

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