The O-L West

we still play together on the porch

The O-L West is me and Steve O-L (the CEO in Tire Swing Co.), with the occasional friend stopping by to lend a hand.

Tire Swing Co. is a collaborative project in the sense that I contribute musical and arrangement ideas, but those songs are Steven’s through and through. Here it’s a little different. The two of us share writing and lead singing responsibilities, and the process refuses to follow any set template. Fun things happen when you rip up the rule book and let the music lead the way.



A completely unexpected collaboration. I knew Steve and I worked well together when I was producing his music, but I had no idea what would happen when we tried writing together. So much inspiration came pouring out, we had to hold ourselves back from making a double CD. A lot of love went into this one, right down to each of the black and white Polaroid pictures that make up the cover art serving as thematic links to the songs. The result is a dense, textured album with many stories to tell.

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