The Travelling Westburys


the infamous family sing-along, with four westicles together in one room, immortalized by 1849.

i sing about getting caught playing doctor on the stairs, uncle brian sings about impotence and kilts, grandpa sings about going to detroit and forgetting to bring brian back some cabbage rolls, and johnny smith is mostly inaudible because he’s standing in the doorway without a microphone, though he does contribute some harmonica and atmosphere. there’s a bit of czech in there as well, and about six or seven songs trapped inside of twelve minutes.

it ends up sounding something like a twisted broadway musical or dinner theater, unlike anything else i’ve ever done. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to listen to it without breaking into a laughing fit at some point. grandpa hits some nice high notes, and he was no spring chicken.

little laura lee isn’t at the same level of inventive lunacy, and i don’t sing at all, but it features some nice bits of insanity from uncle brian, and you’ve got johnny smith singing about nosehair.

i thought a whole album would come of this (uncle brian would play the bugle!). it never did. but at least we’ve got these two tracks.


1849 (family singalong)
little laura lee


1849 (family singalong)

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