A Bunch of Loose Ends (2000)

For the most part this is just a dumping ground for songs that didn’t have finished albums to call their homes just yet, though there are some fun parodies here like the Durex Sheik Condom Song (which later found a forever home on the first MISFITS compilation) and the first version of Nose Hair Cancer from the WOHIS sessions (later appended to the proper LIFELINE/WOHIS release).

There are a few interesting out-takes from SHOEBOX PARADISEIf You Were Mine is a ballad played completely straight, which explains why it was never considered album material. I mean, a serious Papa Ghostface love song? Our six imaginary fans wouldn’t have been able to handle that at the time. Still, there’s some nice bass playing from Gord, some meaty piano work from me, and a frenetic intro that has nothing to do with the rest of the song but somehow fits.

You Are Me is pretty catchy, and these days I wonder why I didn’t throw it on the album. If I would have fixed up my harmony vocal a bit and added a little more polish to the song, it could have fit in just fine on the second disc. I thought about resurrecting it in the later PG days, but gord and I never really got around to digging into it. Maybe someday.


I Hate
Durex Sheik Condom Song
My Life (parody)
Freedom (parody)
If You Were Mine
You Are Me
You Are Me (duplicate)
About Face
Nose Hair Cancer (first version)
So Much to Show (mastering experiment fragment)
(three duplicates of above fragment)
Mine (rough mix)

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