Guys With Dicks


the accidental band that rose from the still-vibrant embers of papa ghostface and became my main creative playground for a while. after about half a dozen personnel changes we hit on a power trio lineup, it stuck, and what seemed at first like it was going to be a very informal excuse to make random noise with some people i knew once in a while became something a lot more serious.

if the typical trajectory of a short-lived band is “record one album, play a bunch of live shows, and break up”, ours was more like “record many albums, play almost no live shows, and then break up”. almost no one knew we existed while we were making music, and we never got the chance to play in an appropriate venue for people our own age who might have been into what we were doing. but i wouldn’t trade the music for anything.

there was a pretty decent amount of video footage shot of us as a band. i wish i had that stuff. now it’s all either lost, or collecting dust in the closets of people who won’t ever let me see it for some reason only they understand (i’m looking at you, amanda).

at least we’ve got the music.

STELLAR (2002)twisted 2vhs-live

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