Tire Swing Co. – Time Away EP (2015)

time cover retouched

This was going to be a full-length album until Steve and I decided to try writing together and AFTERTHOUGHTS came pouring out of us.

Title track and hidden track aside, none of these songs really sound like they would have fit on INAMORATA. And though this one doesn’t have that album’s heft (makes sense, since it’s an EP and not a seventeen-song epic), there’s a lot of variety. Each song goes someplace a little different.

Jim Meloche (Orphan Choir and Worry frontman) contributes some great fiery backup vocals to Closet, and though he’s the only guest, he makes it count. His voice adds something special to the fabric of that song, giving it this great punch. That second chorus is gigantic.

Steve does some different vocal things of his own this time out, testing the upper end of his register on Happy Valentine’s Day and singing with himself in two different octaves on I’d Name You Aubrey, sounding for all the world like two different people.

There are a few new sounds floating around in the mix, too — backwards lap steel on Red Dress, djembe on Time Away, and if I told you the source of the eerie, mangled sample that comes in during the first instrumental break on I’d Name You Aubrey you probably wouldn’t believe me.

The whole thing is available as a free download via Bandcamp (full download includes that aforementioned bonus track).

happy valentine's day


time away

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