Some keys are black, and some keys are white…

New piano in the house! This isn’t the best picture of it. I would have liked to get a more panoramic shot, but this was as far back as I could get. It needs a bit of tuning to sound its best but arrived here sounding good enough that for now I can play it quite happily without gritting my teeth. Just a few notes sound a tiny bit off. I think that’s pretty normal, given how new this piano is. It needs a bit of time to settle. And if it sounds this good when it isn’t even at its best yet, well…some serious fun is going to be had over here.

It came with a magic piano bench for sitting on.

You can hide all kinds of freaky things inside. Most people would put sheet music in there, but I can’t read music, so I’ll have to think a bit about what would be suitable to stow beneath my posterior.

This is my little purple accomplice Elliott, thinking he might get lucky with the piano.

As you can see, his powers of seduction are beyond compare. That smile could melt any instrument or person in a matter of seconds. He can’t really play the piano in any traditional way since he doesn’t have any limbs, but he bounces like nobody’s business.

There’s also a new friend in the music room, hanging above the piano.

Miles has been hanging around here for a while, but I couldn’t figure out where to put him for the longest time. Above the piano seems to be a good place. Alas, like I said I can’t really move back far enough to show you the whole area and how it all fits together. But I think it looks pretty neat.

I can’t get over how pretty this piano is. The thing gleams. You can see your reflection in it while you play. I think it’s going to take a while for it to sink in that I actually have a real piano now. Figuring out the best way to record it should be interesting. The R88 would be perfect (I tried it out and it sounds quite nice), but I have no room treatment and the mic is so sensitive it picks up too much ambient noise like the refrigerator’s indigestion. So close-mic’ing or something more directional will probably work better. I aim to do some experimenting tomorrow, and if all goes well maybe I’ll have some audio samples to post here.

Also, someone arrived here today after doing an internet search for “Johnny West major record label”. That made me laugh for about sixteen different reasons. It ain’t ever gonna happen. But as Meredith Brooks sang in the only hit she ever had, you know I wouldn’t want it any other way.


  1. Thanks Leesa. I’ve been stockpiling a ton of piano songs while waiting for a real piano to play them on, so it shouldn’t be too long before some songs start showing up over here or on good old Spyspace. And Ismal — Elliott tells me he likes to think of himself as a “freelance lover”. So there could be possibilities…

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